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Optimum Process Technologies develops and commercializes innovative industrial process equipment technologies. We develop proprietary ideas and seek the ideas of other inventor/innovators to develop jointly. Our special area of interest is skid or trailer-mounted process equipment, and we will consider any technology which requires such equipment for field implementation. Our preference is for niche technologies for environmental remediation or the production of new forms or sources of energy, and we are particularly interested in innovations for the treatment of contaminated water or production of alternative liquid fuels. Candidate technologies may be totally new innovations or may be improvements upon established techniques, methods, processes, tools or equipment.  
We have commercialized extremely diverse technologies and we will not exclude any technology from consideration based on its end “product”, market, or manufacturing methodology. Rather, we are more interested in the physical form of the applied technology–does it require a skid or trailer-mounted piece of industrial process equipment. Our expertise is the commercialization of portable industrial equipment, and our focus is the equipment itself, not what that equipment makes or how that is accomplished.  Optimum Process Technologies Thermal Desorber
For qualified innovations, OPT will analyze the market for the technology in question, and design and develop commercial prototypes in order to test commercial feasibility. If the innovation meets OPT commercialization criteria, we will license the innovation and pay the owner a royalty based upon sales. 

Our History 

Optimum Process Technologies has been successfully commercializing innovative process equipment since 1977. We have successfully brought to market and sold six innovative technologies which involved thermal remediation of hydrocarbon- contaminated soils, ion exchange treatment of industrial wastewater, bacterial de- nitrification of potable water, fuel-grade ethanol manufacturing, cellulose insulation manufacturing, and insoluble anode copper plating. 

Optimum Process Technologies Insulation Manufacturing Facility and Fuel Grade Ethanol Plant

Investment Parameters

For qualified innovations, OPT will commit personnel, cash, equipment and facilities for market analysis, commercial prototype development, and determination of market feasibility. Our initial investment in a project is typically between $100,000 and $1,000,000, and prior to making any investment, OPT will finalize an agreement with the innovator setting forth expectations and pay outs.

Optimum Process Technologies Industrial Wastewater Treatment System

Commercialization Activities 

The goal of OPT is to determine if an innovation appears likely to lead to a profitable manufacturing and sales operation.  In evaluating the likelihood of reaching this objective with a project, OPT may conduct one or more of the following activities:  market analysis, strategic planning, capital sourcing, technical and aesthetic product design, small scale manufacturing, and test sales.

If the innovation appears commercially feasible, OPT will establish production facilities, develop a marketing and sales program, and commence sales. Typically, OPT will secure additional capital funding, recruit a management team and obtain all necessary regulatory approvals and sales licenses for international markets. 


Our track record in commercializing innovations demonstrates that we respect both the innovator and the innovation. Our relationship with innovators can assume many different business forms, and will usually involve a continuing relationship with the innovator. Because of the substantial investment we make, we will insist on making all business decisions.  However, within 
our relationship we will openly share information and treat our innovator/partner fairly and professionally. References 
from past partners are of 
course available.  

Optimum Process Technologies Bacterial De-nitrification System
Optimum Process Technologies Insoluble Anode Copper Plating System

Innovation Submission

If you have an innovative technology 
that meets our parameters and you 
would like to professionally commercialize 
it, please contact us. 

We will review your innovation under a 
confidentiality agreement and provide a 
prompt indication of our interest. 

For more information or to submit your 
idea for consideration, please contact:

Director, New Product Development
Optimum Process Technologies LLC
at  Email:   BNVNTV@o-p-technologies.com 

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